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Automated Fuel Metering and Control Systems
Fuel consumption monitoring, ship efficiency monitoring and emission control

Our Systems allow you to track and predict bunkering dates based on current fuel consumption and vessel operating profile.

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Over ten years of experience in the maritime industry
Spare parts, equipment and solutions

The main direction of our activity is the supply of spare parts and equipment for ships.

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Eco – solutions
Ballast Water Treatment Plant (BWTS)

Ballast water treatment - care for the ecology of the aquatic environment and marine life

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Breezemarine Group

is a progressive developing European company in the field of general technical supply, engineering development and marine services for the fleet.

Fuel consumption monitoring systems (FCM)

Solutions on board .Office solution for operators. Fleet efficiency monitoring and analytics, data for MRV reports. Control of bunkering and cargo operations, level control.


Exhaust gas cleaning and monitoring systems IMO TIER III (Reduction - NOx, soot, hydrocarbons, noise). Hybrid power plants. Design and implementation. Ballast water treatment plants.

Marine service and projects

Survey inspection of the vessel (Insurance inspection). Full condition survey. H & amp; M Hull & amp; Machinery survey. Design. Conversion projects management. Manufacturing of propeller shafts, stocks and propeller-driven propeller (blades, hubs).

Completed projects
Professional employees
Years of activity

Spare parts and equipment

Main and auxiliary diesel engines. Turbochargers. Air and refrigeration compressors. Separators, heat exchangers, desalination plants. Pumps. Supply of spare parts for the propellers. Cranes and deck equipment. General technical supply. Boats, rescue equipment.

Marine equipment

Marine boilers, burners, heat exchangers, condensers. Wastewater treatment plants. Leyal water treatment plants. Port equipment ( Stenders, Fenders )

Steering complex and propulsion

Repair, manufacture and maintenance of components and elements of the propeller-steering complex

Extensive experience in the international market

We are well oriented in the market of spare parts and equipment

A wide range of partners around the world

100% quality of the entire range of services

See our latest works

Over ten years of experience in the maritime industry, we have earned the trust of customers around the world. We constantly monitor trends in the maritime industry and implement them promptly. We have offices in several countries, which helps us to quickly solve any problems of the fleet.

Icebreaker «BOTNIKA»

nstallation of a system for monitoring operations and energy parameters of the main diesel generators CAT x6 with data output to the main monitors of the integrated ABB ship automation…
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Trauler «PROJECT 170701»

The specification has been developed and the design has been carried out fully for a Fuel consumption monitoring system and integrated system of automatization and management of technical means (automated…
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Trauler «PROJECT 1701»

The specification has been developed and the design has been carried out fully for a Fuel consumption monitoring system with the transfer of information to the Customer’s office. SHIPOWNER/ CUSTOMER…
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Tanker «Ugo Ocha»

At the request of the client, a fuel consumption metering system was installed for ship boilers and diesel generators. 2 boilers and 3 diesel generators. The system is assembled on…
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production and repair of elements
of the propeller-steering group


Flowmeters, Torque meters


Marine boilers, Burners, Spare parts


Production and repair of elements
of the propeller-steering group

Scan-Dryer AB

Air compressors, air dryers and air systems

Settima Meccanica

Screw pumps


Screw pumps, flowmeters


Marine sewage treatment systems


Fire detection systems, automation elements

RM Propulsion

Stern tube seal spare parts and service


Ballast water treatment systems

FARAD Heat Exchangers SA

Design and manufacture quality marine  tubular & gasketed plate heat exchangers


Ship automation upgrade and repair

AEM Engine Service

 Marine diesel engines repair and service