The main direction of our activity is the supply of spare parts and equipment for ships. It is also an important area of our activity. Development and implementation of innovative engineering solutions for the automation of fuel metering on a ship.

Our services in practice

Icebreaker «BOTNIKA»

nstallation of a system for monitoring operations and energy parameters of the main diesel generators CAT x6 with data output to the main monitors of the integrated ABB ship automation…
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Trauler «PROJECT 170701»

The specification has been developed and the design has been carried out fully for a Fuel consumption monitoring system and integrated system of automatization and management of technical means (automated…
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Cruise ferry «BALTIC QUEEN»

Installation Engine group measurement with volume-type flowmetering system (group of Main Engines and group of Auxiliary engines). Connection to the FCM system Anemometer and Inclinometer. Installation of two torque-meters on…
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