Automated Fuel Consumption Metering and Ship Efficiency Monitoring System


FCM SYSTEMS - An universal tool that allows the crew and operators of vessels to easily and automatically control bunkering, fuel consumption by the ship and its fuel level in tanks. Our systems are designed both for monitoring the efficiency of the vessel as a whole, and for automatically collecting the necessary data on fuel consumption for the preparation of MRV reporting. The purpose of this development is to make the work of a shipping company more efficient and to simplify the work of all its services.

Our solution allows you to identify increased fuel and energy consumption on board, as well as control CO2 emissions

This is a comprehensive solution that helps the shipowner to solve problems aimed at meeting the requirements of the IMO. In particular, the collection of information for the maintenance and transmission of MRV reporting and data for SEEMP. Solving these problems, our product additionally provides the shipowner with many useful functions.


EU-MRV reporting is essential for the shipping industry to monitor greenhouse gas emissions.

The reduction can be achieved with the help of technical and operational adjustments to the operation of ship systems and mechanisms.

SEEMP (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan)

One of the most promising instruments for the shipowner to improve the energy efficiency of ship operation is SEEMP.

One area for SEEMP improvement is fuel efficiency

Our systems help build EEXI
(Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index)

Monitoring the amount of CO2 exhaust gases, comparing with fuel consumption, processing and transmitting data to the office.

Additional functions


Turnkey projects from inspection and design to installation and follow-up

Possibility of phased commissioning of the control system, depending on the requirements and budget of the client. At the same time, ensuring the excellent functioning of each module put into operation.

Monitoring the dependence of nitrogen oxide emissions on consumption: MARPOL 73/78, resolution MEPC. 217 (63)

The ability to analyze readings in instant mode and over a period of time

Flexible software solutions developed by our programmers

Measuring equipment with all marine approvals and certificates

Monitoring the dependence of fuel consumption on the operating modes of a single complex of equipment (on speed, power, number of energy consumers, NOx, SOx and CO2 emissions, the possibility of installing pumps for dosing fuel additives)

User-friendly graphical perception of information (graph design and compatibility with standard operating systems)

Compatibility with existing equipment with automatic process control systems

Bunkering equipment with OIML R117-1 certificates for HFO, MD0, and MGO;

Automatic protection of equipment (minimizing the “human factor”)

Automatic data transfer to the central office

FCM system concept


FCM System is modular, it is developed individually for each vessel / project.




Based on the request, a project action plan is drawn up


The necessary equipment is determined, on the basis of which a price offer is drawn up

System assembly

The user interface is created and the necessary equipment is assembled


Installation and connection of confirmed equipment to the client's vessel


The system is tested and, if necessary, refined

Service and Warranty

At the request of the client, the service of the entire system is provided 24/7. We ensure the fulfillment of warranty obligations

5 main solutions

Control automation system - accounting of fuel and vessel efficiency FCM

Monitoring system on board:

Monitoring and analyzing data in the office:

Fleet monitoring system

Bunkering / fuel delivery control:

Measurements of levels in tanks:

Our FCM system solves all of the above tasks in a complex.

Onboard solutions

Functions, features and benefits of onboard solutions


Modular system architecture.

Ability to add automation modules.

Indicates instant fuel consumption.

High accuracy.

Generation of single and summary reports.

Data for effective, urgent solutions

Convenient data display.

Remote administration capability.

Secure communication through a VPN tunnel.

Flexible interface customization options.

Suitable for LNG fuel systems

CO2 emission report for MRV


Fuel consumption monitoring by each consumer and group


Connecting additional modules to optimize fuel consumption


Bunkering and loading monitoring

Monitoring system in the office

Features and Benefits of Management Solutions

The office solution is intended for use by operators / superintendents directly in the office or on a personal device (s);

The office system is a VEB-interface that allows you to communicate to request / receive data both with the ship’s server and with the office server, which duplicates and stores all information received from the ship in real time;

A handy tool for daily review and analysis of the set parameters.

A user-friendly and intuitive interface allows you to effectively display various system data.

Flexible possibilities to provide visualisation according to client’s requests.

Fleet solution

Independent module of the fuel metering system on board

Fleet monitoring system solution is:

Fleet performance monitoring and analysis

Fuel receiving / dispensing control system

Independent module of the fuel metering system on board

An independent module of the fuel metering system on board the vessel, which can be installed both as part of the SKT and separately;

An individually created system for each project using high-precision Coriolis flow meters, controllers and a computer complex.

Visualization of bunkering values and parameters on independent monitors or on existing monitors of other ship systems.

Possibility to integrate the system with the general ship automation system or make it completely autonomous.

Examples of installed systems

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