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Cruise ferry «BALTIC QUEEN»

Installation Engine group measurement with volume-type flowmetering system (group of Main Engines and group of Auxiliary engines). Connection to the FCM system Anemometer and Inclinometer. Installation of two torque-meters on propeller shafts.Mass acceleration flowmeter for fuel reception line (bunkering line) allowing the operator to keep a record of the exact mass of fuel received and indicate data on the operator panel.
Operator panels with 21 inch in the central control room and secondary 21 inch monitor located on Bridge. The panel is interfaced with the shipboard GPS-module and torque-meterson propeller shafts, allowing navigators to choose optimal ship speed and mechanical engineers to distribute the load. Installation of the data transmission modules in the shipping company office in real time.
Thanks to the installed system, the ship received an expanded autonomous reporting form between the ship and the office. Reports on fuel consumption are automatically generated and displayed in the office in real time, which facilitated the work of the crew. The system also automatically calculates the necessary operating modes of the vessel, showing where it is possible to reduce fuel costs.
The bunkering system helped to challenge not received cargo volumes.

TALLINK Group — SILJA LINE, Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn Port, Estonia
04.2017- 10.2017

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