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Boots on The Ground: Breezemarine Group at SMM 2022 in Hamburg

The biannual SMM exhibition is around the corner, and Breezemarine Group will feel its presence! During the event, Sergei Sinjagin, Managing Partner at Breezemarine Group, will pitch the various solutions we provide. Make sure to stop by booth A4.126 on the exhibit floor to meet our team and talk about maritime solutions propelling your business forward. 

SMM Hamburg 2022 is Almost Here

There are many reasons to get excited about the upcoming SMM 2022 exhibit in Hamburg, Germany. It is the premier event for maritime companies to showcase their solutions and innovative approaches. The stakes have never been higher, with a key focus on digital transformation, climate change, and maritime energy transitions. Moreover, the 30th edition of this industry-leading event features additional presentation formats and a broader spectrum of critical areas. 

The SMM team and event commit to sharing scientific knowledge to accelerate technological change. Industry players can benefit from the various networking opportunities and engage in conversation to explore new ideas, concepts, products, and services. Everyone in the maritime industry has a moral obligation to contribute to the industry and help protect our climate from further harm.

Breezemarine Group Pitch and Exhibit

As thought leaders in the industry, Breezemarine Group will establish a physical presence during SMM 2022. We have a booth – designation A4.126 – where you can learn more about our company, our mission, and how we do our part in optimizing fleet monitoring, fuel bunkering, and fuel consumption, among other aspects. Breezemarine group offers a growing range of services and solutions to catalyze maritime industry transformation, with a strong focus on digital improvements. 

In addition, Breezemarine Group Managing Partner Sergei Sinjagin will conduct a 10-minute pitch at SMM 2022! Make sure to head to Digital Transition Stage Hall B6 on September 6 at 14:55 to listen to Sergei discuss the following topics:

  • Online digital fleet monitoring solutions
  • Automated real-time machinery and performance data collection
  • Vessel routing and power optimization
  • Real-time fuel bunkering analysis
  • Fuel consumption optimization
  • Automation of MRV reporting
  • Automated NOx, SOx, and CO2 emission measurement
  • Fleet decarbonization efforts

All of these aspects will help maritime companies achieve mission-critical goals to embrace digital transformation and make a much-needed push toward halting climate change. 

The Breezemarine Group looks forward to seeing you at SMM 2022!

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