The main field of activity of the company is the supply of equipment and replacement spare parts for the fleet.

BreezeMarine Group was founded in 2008 in Tallinn, Estonia. For more than a decade of work in the maritime sector, we have earned the trust of hundreds of customers and gained many business partners all around the world.

Also, one of directions of our activity is the most current trend of recent years – ecology in the marine industry.
BreezeMarine Group is engaged in the development and implementation of fuel consumption and emissions control systems, installation of ballast water purification systems and implementation of exhaust gas aftertreatment systems.

We follow trends and innovations in the marine sector and implement them promptly.

The BreezeMarine Group’s team constantly attends thematic industry events, forums and exhibitions all around the world.

Our company has offices in several countries, what helps us to solve all challenges of the fleet promptly.


Competent and business approach to the execution of orders and the implementation of projects based on the professionalism of employees.

We are well-versed in the spare parts and equipment market, constantly monitoring changes in order to offer the best and most effective solutions to our customers.

We guarantee attention to detail and individual approach to each client!

Attention to the tasks and needs of customers, efficiency and professionalism - these are our main principles.


is to simplify and make more effective the work of all people on the fleet.


is the customer’s satisfaction.


The motto of our company is: attention to details, quality in everything!

Our team has proved that we are a strong, cohesive team capable of solving the most difficult tasks.


Icebreaker «BOTNIKA»

nstallation of a system for monitoring operations and energy parameters of the main diesel generators CAT x6 with data output to the main monitors of…
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Trauler «PROJECT 170701»

The specification has been developed and the design has been carried out fully for a Fuel consumption monitoring system and integrated system of automatization and…
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Trauler «PROJECT 1701»

The specification has been developed and the design has been carried out fully for a Fuel consumption monitoring system with the transfer of information to…
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Tanker «Ugo Ocha»

At the request of the client, a fuel consumption metering system was installed for ship boilers and diesel generators. 2 boilers and 3 diesel generators.…
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Cruise ferry «BALTIC QUEEN»

Installation Engine group measurement with volume-type flowmetering system (group of Main Engines and group of Auxiliary engines). Connection to the FCM system Anemometer and Inclinometer.…
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